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Preventative Maintenance To Guarantee Peak Performance
Better Efficiency Regular maintenance ensures your unit can provide the right level comfort with less work.
Fewer Repairs Scheduled maintenance allows us to catch small issues before they can cause major problems for your system.
Lower Bills When your unit is working well, it doesn't draw as much power - which eases the strain of your power bills.
Increased Lifespan Take care of your unit, and it will take care of you for a long time. Get your money's worth.
Maintain Warranty Many warranty providers require proof of regular maintenance to meet their obligations.
Clear Air A well-maintained unit produces cleaner air to help improve your home's indoor air quality.

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Polly Hewitt
Polly Hewitt
23:48 05 Dec 23
Many thanks go to Jason and the very helpful staff at Harrington A/C. Excellent customer service from scheduling to repair. Jason was great and explained everything as he went along. He answered all questions and was very knowledgeable. Our system is over 11 years old and will probably need replacing in the near future and we’ll depend on Harrington for all our A/C needs.
Buck Roberts
Buck Roberts
21:01 04 Dec 23
The Harrington A/ C tech Jordan Eady was very courteos and thorough and clearly explained everything to me. He performed a super preventive maintenance.
Pam Krotz
Pam Krotz
17:03 04 Dec 23
Malak and Max did a great job on the installation of my new system. I was very happy with the professionalism and the knowledge of all the representatives from Harrington. And then I'm not
D Thompson
D Thompson
22:09 01 Dec 23
We had Malak and Max put in a new heating and cooling unit in our home. They were both very professional. They got right to work and made sure the floors were covered. They also checked to see if they could open a door because we have a dog. When the work was finished , everything was cleaned up well. We were asked if we had any more questions again before they left. We have used Harrington for many years and feel that these two men represent their company very well.
Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson
21:49 01 Dec 23
Our technician , Collin , was very thorough. He took his time and checked everything out. He took pictures to show us exactly what was going on with our system. Collin was also good at making sure we knew what options we had. He didn't steer us in any direction, but answered our questions honestly. We will definitely ask for Collin when we need our next service.
Anne M
Anne M
19:31 01 Dec 23
Jason S. Was our tech and was very courteous and professional. We received a text from the company with his picture and a brief profile which was greatly appreciated prior to his arrival (you can never be too safe).Harrington is our company of choice and we will always request Jason.
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